Planning on escaping the cold Melbourne winter and chasing the European sun?

Here are my top tips for keeping your feet happy while on holiday.

After recently returning home from our 4 week honeymoon in Italy my husband and I can tell you how important your feet are while travelling overseas.

Surely you will be in for many kilometres of walking while taking in the sights and exploring the roads less travelled, so during this time you are going to want to be comfortable and not have sore, tired feet and legs that could potentially cut your adventure short.

1.You will need an excellent pair of shoes;

A runner style shoe is highly recommended, however it is shoe laces that are a must; laces allow you to adjust how firm your shoes are, which helps to prevent slippage that can lead to blisters corns and callus.

This style of shoe will also provide greater cushioning and support when compared to a slip on or sandals; support in your shoes will minimise fatigue in the foot and leg muscles and reduce your risk of overuse, especially if you are not used to all that walking.


Wearing socks with your lace up shoes is important for foot hygiene; they help to reduce sweating which inturn minimises odour and the risk of tinea and other infections that love a warm environment.

Remember to change those socks everyday!

3.Use thongs in the shower;

Although this may be something you associate with going to the local swimming pool or may never have crossed your mind before, this is imperative. The bugs that cause tinea, warts and a range of other infections are most commonly found in communal areas like showers and as we don’t know who or what has been there before us wearing thong can help prevent you bringing back more than that designer handbag.

4. See a Podiatrist

Before you grab your passport and tickets make an appointment to see me. I will be able to assess your current footwear, give you tips and advice on new footwear or orthotics if required (like my husband after his 2 week trip to Milan and Paris last year – he complained everyday, this time not a peep!) and address any problem areas, so you begin your trip in the best shape possible.

Once you come back you may need to return to get any new issues managed after walking through all those gorgeous countries,(like the big corn I developed while on our honeymoon) and when you do I’ll be ready .





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