What we mean by cracked heels?

The skin over the heels becomes:

  • calloused (hard skin)
  • dry or flaky (due to an underlying skin condition)
  • fissured (deep cracks)
  • Sometimes they even bleed (when cracks are very deep)

When does it happen?

 Cracking of the heels tends to happen moreL

  • in the hotter and
  • very cold seasons of the year


Why does it happen?

The key reason why when things start to get hotter people get cracked heels is:

  • open shoes, thongs, sandals or any shoe that doesn’t allow you to wear a sock to keep the moisture in

And in the winter the dryness tends to come from:

  • lack of humidity in the air 


What can you do about it?

Things you can do to try and manage this at home is;

  • wearing closed shoes as much as possible (as hard as this may be in summer)
  • minimising the amount of time you’re wearing thongs, sandals and open-type shoes 
  • moisturising,
**HOT TIP: put moisturiser on at night just before you’re about to go to bed so you can allow it to do its work properly.

What type of moisturiser should I use?

The type of cream will depend on the severity of dryness and if there are any other underlying conditions:

  • Mild dryness -> Sorbelene or Vitamin E cream
  • Moderate/Severe dryness -> Emollient cream (urea based)
  • Tinea or fungal infection-> Antifungal spray
  • Dermatitis or other skin condition -> Corticosteroid cream


What can a Podiatrist do for you?

We can help you get those heels summer ready by:

  • providing treatment that will eliminate the hard/dry skin immediately
  • a personalised management plan to prevent its reoccurrence
  • advice on the best cream for you and the condition you present to us with
  • assess your footwear and other contributing factors (why your getting cracked heels)



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For more info check out our Podiatrist Caelin’s video from sunny Caroline Springs:

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