It’s that time of year again where parents and children are hectically running around to get all the last minute things ready for back to school and their school shoes are one of those extremely important items we shouldn’t rush.


1. Get fitted

  • Having your children’s feet measured for the correct size and support is essential!
  • This will help to avoid shoes that are too small and narrow, too big and wide or do not have adequate support.
  • Stores such as The Athlete’s Foot are experts at this and have years of experience fitting school shoes.

2. Choose reputable brands

  • Unfortunately when trying to care for your children’s foot health a cheap shoe is just not going to cut it.
  • Brands such as Ascent and Clarkes are excellent and although they may be a little more expensive you will find they will last much longer.
  • Ascent even have a 6 month outsole guarantee!

3. Do NOT buy shoes that are too big

  • If you do not have time to get fitted by a professional there is a simple “rule of thumb” you can use to ensure you are getting your child the correct size shoe.
  • Here’s how its done: pull the insole out of the shoe, ask your child to stand on the insole with their foot right to the back, then place your thumb at the end of the insole, your thumb-width is the perfect length for growing without leaving too much or too little room that could cause detrimental effects.

4. See a Podiatrist

  • If you have any concerns in regards to your child’s feet, especially with their walking patterns or would like some more advice on where to go for the right school shoes make an appointment NOW!


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