The team at Holistic Foot Clinic recently undertook further training in the emerging technique known as Foot Mobilisation. This full day course was run by Tito Pignetti & Michael Sarunic of the Foot & Leg Centre in South Australia – both of whom have specialised in manual therapies and corrections of the body for decades; training podiatrists as far as Spain and Italy!

This was an amazing day for everyone and equipped us with all new skills to help ease people’s foot pain in different ways. We’re very excited to share this new therapy with our patients and their weary feet!

What is foot mobilisation therapy (FMT)?

‘Foot Mobilisation Therapy’ (FMT) is a hands-on way of slowly & gently freeing up the joints and tight muscles, tendons & ligaments of the feet – aiming to improve on the movement, posture of the feet while reducing risk of injury. This is done primarily by the podiatrist in-clinic, but patients can be trained in simplified exercises to perform at home!

How does it work?

Similar to other manual therapies of the body (eg. massage, ‘correction’ for the spine) the goal of Foot Mobilisation is to address the underlying structural or joint-related problems of the feet & ankles by moving them through natural positions, improving alignment, creating increased flow of healing blood in and old fluids out, and loosening of any scar tissues and adhesions built up over time. All of these benefits combine to allow the feet & ankles to operate in their most natural & efficient way possible.

Can foot mobilisation fix my foot pain?

Foot mobilisation is best used in combination with other therapies (eg. massage, dry needling, orthotic therapy) and are usually paired with exercises & footwear/shoe recommendations as part of fixing the long-term problem.

It is commonly used to help with problems of the foot & ankle, including:

  • Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
  • Ankle pain (inner, outer and front)
  • Big toe joint pain / bunion pain
  • Pre-onset / early stage arthritis
  • “ Stiff” / “ locking up” joints
  • Injured joints of the feet

How do I find out more, or get started?

Whether you’re a current patient of the Holistic Foot Clinic or have yet to see us, FMT is a treatment that we can work into anyone’s rehab program – taking into consideration the specific needs of your pain or injury.

Come on to one of our locations today and find out what FMT can do for you!

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