Why is Footwear Important?

Our feet are the foundations of our bodies and much of our lives are spent in footwear. If we don’t have a solid structured foundation to our body with suitable footwear we can end up with injuries and long term effects on our posture and alignment, causing foot, knee, hip and back problems. Footwear helps the body by realigning us from our feet up, helping us to balance,
protecting us from temperatures and surfaces and providing consistent shock absorption to reduce the pressure placed upon the joints and bones right through our bodies.


Don’t be misled into thinking “ a good shoe” will be good for you, as although it may be a “good shoe”, if it isn’t suited or fitted properly to you, it isn’t going to be assisting you the way it should be and could even increase your risk of injury and long term damage. Try on both shoes when trying on new footwear as one foot is often larger than the other. Always try on shoes, as sizes may vary between brands and even a brand you have worn for many years can change they’re design or sizing without notice.

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