Let’s talk about TINEA   

What is it?

Tinea pedis or tinea as it is more commonly known is actually a fungal infection of the skin.

It presents in the clinic a lot in the summer and we’re getting deep into the spring so the heat going to start coming on and this condition can start to flare up a bit now.

Where on my foot will it be?

So the most common places that we see tinea is:

  • in between the toes or
  • under the feet.
  • you can get it anywhere but that’s where it tends to come up especially in podiatric setting. 

What does it look like?

Between the toes:

  • you might notice white,
  • wet skin now that can just be white,
TIP: wet skin can encourage tinea or fungal infection to present

Underneath the foot:

  • redness of the skin
  • little red dots dryness of the skin
  • peeling
  • blistering
  • it’s very common to get itching
**Now you don’t need all the symptoms even one or two is an indicator for tinea**

Where does it come from?

The most common places you will get tinea is in a communal area:   

  • swimming pools
  • public showers (especially if you’re not wearing thongs)
  • if you have very sweaty skin
  • wearing work boots all day – this encourages moisture and tinea loves this environment

How can you prevent tinea?

At home tips:

  • dry between toes well after showering
  • if you skin is still wet use a drying agent such as betadine to encourage drying of the area
  • we do not recommend powders as they can clump between the toes and increase moisture
  • breathable socks and
  • change your socks regularly (at least daily)
  • protect everyone at home, yourself or anyone else that’s using the same showers as you by wear your thongs (this helps to prevent spread of infection
Hot tip: even after your tinea has cleared, continue to wear thongs in communal areas to prevent re-contraction!

What do Podiatrists do for tinea?

As for podiatry can help:

  • diagnose the condition properly because there are a lot of conditions that look like it whether it’s psoriasis, eczema, an allergic reaction or another rare skin condition
  • prescribe the right treatment for the tinea (spray, cream or both)
  • we can reduce the skin by opening it up so the treatment can penetrate effectively


To find out more watch Caelin’s video on tinea: https://youtu.be/dZCJdQd-kcQ

If you think you might have tinea click the link to book your appointment now: https://holisticfootclinic.com.au/booking/

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