Prefabricated Orthotics

All orthotic devices aim to assist an individual’s biomechanical needs. Prefabricated devices are commonly used for arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain. We have found them to have great success when fitted and employed correctly. Prefabricated devices come in sizes much like our shoes, xs s m l xl meaning that aren’t as specifically tailored to an individuals as a custom made device. They are available in full length or shell length (Half length) and can come in firm or cushioned varieties as well as in a variety of set colors.


Do not confuse these with your over the counter style, such as those found in a chemist or at the supermarket as these ones are often less durable and not as effective. Know what you’re buying. Far too often I have patients who have tried to self
manage and given themselves orthotics from the chemist or supermarket that aren’t suited to the individual or the condition they are trying to manage. We have also seen individuals who have managed to find a good prefabricated device, but not understood when it was time to replace them, meaning that they have increased their risk of injury or in many cases have actually re injured themselves! You can think of an orthotic like a hairstyle, just because you find one you like the
look of, doesn’t mean it’s going to suit you!
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