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Holistic Foot Clinic has built a strong reputation for providing high quality podiatry services to people across Ashwood. Our approach to foot health isn’t limited to simply taking good care of your feet. Our “whole body” approach includes a thorough assessment of body, lifestyle and activities, before a unique care plan is developed to meet the distinct needs of each client’s feet.


Our Services

From children upwards, we help clients of all ages and conditions maintain their foot health. Our vast range of services covers all aspects of general podiatry, treating everything from nails to corns, callus, warts, fungal infections and ingrown toenails. We also have a broad offering of specialist services, including diabetes foot assessments, foot deformities, orthoses, dry needling and more.

General podiatry
Management of nails, corns and callus (hard skin), warts, fungal infections (of skin and nail), ingrown toenails and more.

Diabetes foot assessments and wound management
Assessment of both sensation and blood flow in the feet.
Management of diabetic ulcers, including debridement and dressing.

Foot deformities
Bunions, clawed or hammered toes.

Heel and foot pain
Heel, arch, forefoot and ankle pain.
Plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy.

Paediatric podiatry
Flat feet and abnormal walking patterns.
Warts – common in young school-aged children.

Sports podiatry
Managing sporting injuries and the impacts of running.
Musculoskeletal injury prevention, management and rehabilitation.
Fitting of CAM Walkers.

In-depth biomechanical assessment and gait analysis performed to determine your personal needs.
Prescription (custom made to your feet, to address your specific problems) and medical grade (prefabricated devices that can be modified to suit your needs).

Dry needling
Treatment of trigger points for muscular issues – calf, achilles and plantar fascia.

Kinesiology taping and rock taping
Reduces muscle fatigue and promotes blood flow for faster recovery, while also aiding injury treatment.

Wax baths for chilblains
During winter many people experience poor circulation. This can lead to chilblains and may result in wounds if left untreated. Wax bath helps promote circulation to the very tips of the toes.

X-Ray and Ultrasound Referrals
Imaging of the feet for diagnosis related to pain, injury or surgical referral.



Our Burwood Podiatry Team

Our expert podiatrists enjoy working with patients to identify their unique goals and need to help them maximise their foot health and general well-being. We're constantly undertaking professional development to stay up to date with the most advanced treatment for our patients.

Our Approach

We take a "whole body" approach to foot and ankle health, which involves assessing a patient's body, lifestyle and activities to formulate a care plan for your feet. This includes the management of common concerns such as ingrown toenails or flat feet and assessing and treating more complex issues such as sporting injuries.

Why Choose Holistic Foot Clinic?

  • Solutions tailored to your needs ensure your feet remain healthy long after your visit.
  • We offer bulk billing for all X-Ray and Ultrasound referrals due to pain, injury or surgical referral.
  • We carry a selection of high-quality foot-care products, from dermal care to orthotics.
  • We are a local podiatrist in Burwood, and we provide a friendly and professional service to many residents in the area.

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Watervale Medical Centre
Shop 18 Watervale Shopping Centre
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Caroline Springs
Suite 1,
224-226 Caroline Springs Blvd,
Caroline Springs VIC 3023

Ringwood North
North Ringwood Medical Centre
212 Warrandyte Road,
Ringwood North VIC 3134

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Call: 1300 185 350
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Call: 1300 185 350
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